Shofar For Weddings

This is it, you’ve arrived for your big day, you are entering the Huppa and this is your most exciting moment at the wedding! There is nothing like the shofar for the beginning of the huppa ceremony.

So at what point is does the shofar appear in the huppa?

For the first time, just before the groom and his parents walk towards the huppa accompanied by the song you have chosen, Tal will blow the shofar – “cheering … blowing … breaking …”

The second time, when the groom approaches his bride and covers her face with the veil.

For the third time, while breaking the glass.

Of course, you don’t have to use the sofar in every stage – it depends on your choice 🙂

I will blow the shofar and open the gates of heaven to bring down an abundance of blessing and success for a couple who will soon become a husband and wife, according to the religion of Moses and Israel. The sound of the shofar is special, sacred, exciting and has a historical effect on the people of Israel. The sound of the shofar is deeply engraved in the collective memory of the people of Israel for generations. from the time of the giving of the Torah to the present day.

Let’s see an example 🙂

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