Wedding Bands Israel

Want a cool and sassy Band?

a wedding band that plays live music will lift your event and make it unique. The ensemble can include two musicians and up to four musicians and a singer. Of course, the band can be adjusted to any place and budget.

Our musicians are from the top level in Israel!

we have a variety of ensembles, feel free to choose the ensemble that suits your wedding music!

Guitarist & Saxophonist

This wedding band includes a saxophonist and guitarist (it is possible to expand the band with a singer and percussion as you can see in the big video below) We do cool pop songs and updated hits! We have our own style, and we are suitable for receptions, business events and wedding music.

Jazz Band - Jazzmen

The Jazzmen band includes a saxophonist, guitarist, double bass and drums. We do cool jazzy adaptions for pop songs and updated hits! We are suitable for receptions, business events and weddings.

Duo bands - Wedding bands

If you are looking for a special wedding music, meet Liad And Yair. Liad on vocals and Yair on guitar will make your reception fun and cool! Liad and Yair’s special groove will bounce and excite your guests, and everyone is going to talk about them 🙂 Of course, you can add more players: saxophone player, bass guitar and percussion. Come on, watch and you will not regret 🙂

Guitar Duo

A very nice Wedding band – Guitar Duo! Ofer and Yoav will play in virtuosic the guitars! all the best and familiar songs at your own Event. this is an excellent Wedding music decision!

Violinists Band

Do you want a classic and well tight event? In the first video we have 2 stunning violinists for the reception, below you can also see a band of 6 violinists!. You can  also add me as a saxophone player (in the second video). Enjoy!

Saxophone and trumpet / percussion

Another particularly powerful band is the saxophone and trumpet. Especially suitable for the entrance of an audience after the Huppa into the hall. We stand on stages in cool suits like the Blues Brothers. We play live on DJ – especially for Deep House. we can also join the dance floor and lift the crowd along with the DJ! this is great Wedding bands decision!

Pantam and Harp

If your event is more Nirvana / Spiritual vibe, then Pantam and Harp will turn the whole event into a different and unique musical experience!

Balkan band / klezmer Band

If you are looking for something different and unique choose a Balkan band or a klezmer band.

Balkan band – consists of 4-10 musicians. With a variety of wind instruments in a luxurious style that creates an overseas atmosphere, an overwhelming Eastern European atmosphere and dancing for all ages!

The ensemble includes: clarinet, saxophone, tuba, trombone, trumpet, accordion, drums and more.

Especially suitable for  marches, opening and seating at business events, break-ins during weddings, Huppa and more.

Klezmer Band – plays Jewish music, klezmer, in an atmosphere and with crazy energies! The band consists a clarinet player, accordion, double bass and percussion. Especially suitable for receptions, Huppa accompaniment, 7 greetings, bridal chair and more.

Tal Rudovsky

Saxophone and Musical Bands


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