Bouzouki Player

Almost every second Israeli visited Greece and experienced the atmosphere of the local taverns! We at Musicali bring you the electrifying Greek atmosphere that is so good for the soul. The sounds of the bouzouki instrument at your event will vibrate in the veins of the hearts of each of your guests, and there is no happy atmosphere without a bouzouki player for events!

The advantages of a bouzouki player for events:​

Bouzouki Player for receptions:

Well, a bouzouki player for a reception is suitable for any type of event. From private events, weddings, business events with opening cocktails in a Greek vibe and more. Next to the Greek music, of course, you can combine Mediterranean music with the familiar Israeli touches 🙂

Wedding Breakout show:

If you are looking for a special show and want to surprise your guests, it is possible to combine the player with special breaks during your wedding dancing. Come on, if you’re a special couple who wants to diversify the mainstream and techno music a bit – surprise your audience with the bursts of a bouzouki player in your square that will make your entire audience dance – young and old alike!

Summary and prices

Well, we have reached the most important part for you 🙂 What are the prices? Well the price varies depending on the location of the event, the playing time, and of course if there is amplification in place.

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Saxophonist and Musical Bands

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