Saxophone For Weddings and Events in Israel

Musicali Events offers you a israeli saxophone player for weddings, events, launches, conferences and more!

Here are some options on how to combine a israeli saxophonist player in your event:

Reception – Perhaps the most important part of the wedding is the reception. At the reception, the initial impression is very important. Impressive reception = a successful recipe for the whole event! Tal, israeli sax player, will dressed in style, walks among the guests and make their time pleasant.

Huppa accompaniment – right after the reception, the sounds of the saxophone will accompany you in your special moment. You can of course make a full saxophone cover or “dress up” on an existing song. Also, after breaking the glass, Tal will be happy to join the Simcha by playing your song of choise.

Slow dance – This is the most intimate moment of the couple. Do you know that every couple has their “own song”?  Also here, Tal the israeli saxophone player will play your song of choice!

Saxophone Player and A DJ –  a cool fusion between sax and DJ! A Israel Live on DJ Party! Tal joins the dance floor together with the DJ and lift up your whole evening!

Of course, the options that are presented can be modified. by the way you can always choose and offer other ideas to your liking!

You are more then welcome to ask questions and consult with me.

Tal Rudovsky

Saxophone and Musical Bands


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