Guitar player for events

Who is it for?

Planning events? Wedding? A private event or maybe a business event? One of the recipes for a successful event is a combination of live music – a guitar player.
Ofer, a gifted guitar player, my musical partner for years, is embarking  a solo Shows!
Ofer and the guitar are suitable for receptions, private and prestigious events, business events and more. So, how does it work?

How can a single guitar player hold an entire event?

As you can see in the videos below, Ofer plays guitar for events, using a special instrument called a looper. Yes yes, just like Neta Barzilai’s at Eurovision 2018! What is special about the looper is that it is possible to record several musical layers and thus create inexhaustible musical depth and creativity! let’s see:

The benefits of a guitar player for events:

Summary and prices

Well, we have reached the most important part for you 🙂 What are the prices? Well the price varies depending on the location of the event, the playing time, and of course if there is amplification in place.

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Tal Rudovsky

Saxophonist and Musical Bands

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